One Man, Thousands of Stickers, Millions of Smiles

Ned of the NedSayz Sticker Campaign

The NedSayz sticker campaign is spreading kindness and good vibes all around the world.

One man is making a difference and increasing smiles all over the world with an extensive sticker campaign. Ned is on a mission to spread kindness and good vibes far and wide. His tools of choice are durable stickers which allow him to spread his message in thousands of locations at the same time.

Ned currently has a presence and influence in China, New Zealand, Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Poland, the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands and all across the United States. Asked to comment Ned simply replied, “I love it here.”

Ned added, “Just as a smile or kind words can brighten our environment, I believe that stickers can brighten your homes, neighborhoods, cities, and the world.”

Anyone can follow Ned on Instagram, @NedSayz, or join the fun campaign by grabbing some Ned stickers and spreading them wherever they may live or roam. Ned invites all lovers of peace and kindness to join him in changing the world, one sticker at a time.

Ned and the sticker campaign is supported by Freely Creative / Websticker, a marketing company specializing in the design and production of custom stickers, decals, roll labels and magnets. The company has been based in Stowe, Vermont since 1991. For more information on Ned, Websticker or the NedSayz Sticker Campaign visit

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