New Product Turns Apple Laptop Computers Into Custom Branded Billboards

The Loglo, A Branded Domed Decal

Introducing the Loglo by Websticker

Freely Creative, Inc. / Websticker has introduced a high-end, domed label product called a Loglo. This printed product is placed over the light-up apple or chrome apple icon, converting the laptop into a powerful custom branded machine. There is no better way to rebrand and label computer equipment than by taking advantage of crisp high-end printing, raised resin doming, and using base lighting or backgrounds to further integrate the logo design with the product.

Custom branded laptop stickers and decals are perfect for schools, tech companies, any organization with remote or traveling employees, or as an inexpensive yet powerful promotional tool or retail product for companies with any type of following or fan base. There is a minimum order of 125 for custom sticker products.

Websticker is a nationally recognized company specializing in product development, branding and promotions utilizing stickers, decals and labels. They offer free design and consulting on any sticker-branding project and wrote the foremost book on sticker marketing; Stick This! Using Promotional Stickers To Build Identity, Create Word Of Mouth and Grow Sales. 

Source: Websticker


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